Clearly hear your
customers' feedback

See exactly where on your website your visitors have specific feedback.

How It Works

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As A Visitor

As a visitor to a site using Feedback Miner, you are able to enter “feedback mode” by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. Then you can click the exact location on the site that you’d like to leave feedback and enter a note.

As A Site Owner

As a site owner using Feedback Miner, any time a visitor leaves you feedback, you’ll be emailed a special link to view it. Special notificaiton bubbles show you exactly where on the site a person has feedback along with their note.


We're currently in limited beta, providing the product for free to a limited group of early users.


Thanks for visiting Feedback Miner! My name is Yash, and I am a Boston-based entrepreneur. I have launched several products and a couple companies myself, and I have helped others do the same.

Listening to feedback is crucial to successful products. Making it easy for your customers to provide feedback fast tracks the right decisions. That’s why Feedback Miner was born.

The goal is simple: hear your customers’ feedback exactly as intended, and understand the context for which they are providing it. Thanks for checking it out!

Yash Ambardekar
Founder, Lumino Labs LLC
Creator, Feedback Miner